Group I

Leader : Kristian Lundstroem 陸安程 95

林育葶 95

(20141013) explain 2.1a [OK]

(20141020) 2.1e give reason for r_black > r_cream, using slope of measured data. [Add-pint]

(20141110) answer of 2.2 , clear and correct. [OK]

宋佩諭 80

(20141013) answer of 2.1a , [Not OK]

(20141110) 2.2 explain problem well, dont not noticed the subtle point of r [OK]

(20141229) 3.4 use derivation to do constant g case, but not able to check which algorithm is used. [Not OK]

詹畯棋 80

(20141015) Extra : give a different way of find out r [add points]

(20141110) no-show (with reasons)

(20141201) Extra_work collong Irish coffee , when cooling rate changed (become larger), [add point]

(20150109) 8.5a reasonable presetation, but wrong unit for presssure. [half-OK]

(201501090) add-point personal



Group II

Leader : 夏欣瑋 92

20141020 21.e [no-add-points]

陳建文 80

(20141013,15) explain 2.1b correctly, and show how to fit r , using trying new r and see which agree best. [OK]

(20150107) 8.4a misunderstand problem, and give wrong answer [Not-OK]

施博文 73

(20141110) 2.4 a bad english when explaining. Didn't preare, at all. [Not OK]

(20141203) 2.4 b relaxation time : depends on initial or room T ? wrong answer [not OK]

(20141222) 3.1 b explained problem, but failto give relavent answer. [not-OK]

(20141224) 3.1 b successfully eplain the prolem and give correct answer [OK]

林聖嘉 80

(20141110) 2.4 a almost failed to explain the question, but understand my request for clrification. can not distinguish difference between SUB plot_output and SUB output. [Not.OK]

(20141222) 3.1a well explained problem text , can not answrr basic questions [half-OK]

(20141224) 3.1 e explain problem correctly, 3.1 e pgplot of y,v,a [OK]



Group III

Leader : 黃偉育 93

黃兆鵬 85

(20141020) 2.1c can not explain well in English how the problem. [half-OK]

(20141231) 3.3b very good explanation of problem, powerpoint well made. goog plotting [OK]

余俊傑 80

(20141203) 2.7 a explain problem, fair, has resulting plot, but wrong interpreation, due to misunderstanding of question. [not OK]

(20150105) 8.3a initial condition , why ? has answer and can operate code [OK]

林稚恩 85

(20141224) 3.3 a explain problem ok, answers correct [OK]

(201500105) 8.3b clear explanation, but claim system not reach equilibrium (wrong) [half-OK]


Group IV

Leader : 陳佑祥 92

林昊瀛 90

(20141020) 2.1d explain and answer, [OK]

(20141020) 2.1e [half add-points]

(20141126) 2.3 b error with repect to Delta_t [OK]

(20150105) 8.2b 6x6 to 12x6, definition of random not convinsing. 8.2c lef-right coparison, not finished [half-OK]

李大玲 74


(20141124) 2.3a explain question (so so) , proof acceptable [OK]

(20141224) explain the problem, but missing "show" (3.19), and terminal velocity and estimated [not OK]

(20150105) 8.2a not well prepared, only show vedio, not explanation. don't know how to prove whether eergy is conserved. she can not operate the program [not-OK]





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