Course Info for Computational Physics


I. Course Title : Computational Physics

II. Lectirered by : Prof. Ming-Hsien Lee

III. Offered to : Thried Year Aplied Physics Section Students

IV. Compulsory or Optional : Optional

V. Credits : 3

VI. Prerequsites : Noce (but knowledge of Numerical Methods)


Course Goal

Through small group and paratical operation, this course help students to establish their overall in physics-related problem solving skill using computers


A. Setting-up Computational Envionments

(Self study suggestions listed below for students not taken Numerical Methods course.)

Follow me : Quick Startup

a. Linux OS installation and setup deminstration ( One Hour )

b. UNIX OS command line operation review : process, files, remote tasks.

c. Fortran 77 Review and Fortran 9X introduction (Two hours)

d. Introduction of PGPLOT, a graphics subroutine library for X-window

e. papallel processing and MPI


B. Computer Simulation and Theoretical Analysis of Physical Phenomenon

Coffee Colling Problem (Two Weeks)

Falling Objects (Two Weeks) (Chinese link)

Dynamics of Many-Particle Systems (Three Weeks)

EM field and Wave Simulations (One or Two weeks)


Mid-term exam

Non-linear Dynamicl Systems and Chaos

Fractals (Two Weeks)

Quantum System : Bound Sattes and Wave Packets (Two to Three Weeks)

Final Examination


VIII.In class Activities : Lecturing, demonstrations, superivising, samll group discussion, oral presentation, commects by lecturer.

IX. Nine equipments : LCD projectors and Computers

X. Textbook:

An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods”V application to physical systems (2nd or 3rd Ed.) by Gould, et. al.

in TKU Library :

XI, Reference books : Linux OS related books”BNumerical Recipes”BFORTRAN 77/90

XII. Examinations and Homeworks

All oral presentations


Link to Chinese version